RCIC 2018

Feb. 12-13, 2018 |Edmonton, AB

RCIC features a full day Building Science Rally, where top industry professionals from across North America are brought in to educate delegates.

Building Science Rally

2018 RCIC Site Super Boot Camp - "It's All About Framing"

"Pre Plan Review: why is it so important to check plans before you dig"

Talking Points Will Include:

  • Brief summary on how drafting pulls a plan together and how things could get missed whether it is production home with different elevations or a custom house.  (most plans start from a base or a previous plan – errors can be passed on)

  • Telepost and pad sizes

  • Beam pockets – depths and locations

  • Walkouts and step downs

  • Window sizes and locations

  • Plumbing locations on floor layouts

  • Lateral bracing and joist locations (mechanical runs on first cavity plus insulation)

  • Review file for job specific changes

  • Are you seeing those common mistakes / issues.  Preventing the same problems from occurring can save $ and frustrated framers

"Suppliers and lead times - everything needs to show up on time"

Talking points will include:

  • Does your suppliers have PO’s?  How are you scheduling (email, phone, portal)?

  • Electronic scheduling programs may not have accurate lead times built into templates

  • Don’t order too early (theft) – but don’t order too late.

  • How does your framer want his material staged? Have you timed up their start date?

  • Single Family vs Multi Family staging

  • What is your lead time on manufactured goods?  They can vary

  • Special order joists, beams (steel), etc.  If so what is the lead time?  Does your framer know?  They may need to plan accordingly (Crane for a steel beam, etc)

  • JIT or will your supplier pre-build and hold?  Both of these have different strategies to schedule.

  • How much space do you have to stage?  Where does your framer want the material?

  • Lumber packages and how they are built can cause framer unneeded time in un-banding and re-sorting

"Site Readiness and keeping your framer happy (trenching, grading, bins, etc)

Talking points will include:

  • Perfect world framer expectations: panel energized, backfilled and pregraded, cc marked, material scheduled and staged, bin on site in appropriate location

  • Power on site vs Generator – costs and equipment impact, possibly builder incurred costs

  • Trenching still open slows down productivity

  • Leftover clay piles creates problems for material placement

  • Cribber cleaned up after themselves (forms, stakes, rebar, etc)

  • Have you mapped out where your materials can go?  Multi family, single family, infills all have different issues surrounding staging

  • Messy site not being ready = slower productivity.  Slower productivity = longer build times

"Engineered Systems and tall Walls - Principles for Design"

Talking points will include:

  • What is a tall wall by code?  Why does it need to be engineered?  What factors does an Engineer consider when designing a tall wall?

  • Discuss the other components that a structural engineer may design in a house (lateral bracing, mech walls, foundation reinforcing)

  • Why do trusses and floor systems come separately?  Explain the difference between role of structural engineer and certified floor system programs.  Discuss how / what components are in the code vs outside the code

  • Continuous tall wall vs stacked wall (pros and cons)

  • Discuss Site Specific engineering vs. generic details

  • On Roof and Floors discuss how the software program maps out the design and why some things on the layouts may not make sense to the framer/site sup

  • On roofs and floors what are items that builders can ask of the designers to improve design for framers and/or other trades (1 st cavity joist spacing widened, reduce teleposts, side to side vs front to back, truss loads on safety anchors, gable sheeting, etc)

"Air Barrier/Weather Barrier Tie-ins including Hot Box"

Talking points will include:

  • Difference between Air Barrier and Weather Barrier

  • Does your framer know the difference?  Don’t Assume!

  • Does your plans have all the details?  Probably not

  • Do all stakeholders understand the systems?  What are you doing to orientate new framers? 

  • Embedding Tyvek on wall sheeting…why?

  • Critical Intersections:

    • Foundation to floor system

    • Intersecting walls (poly)

    • Penetrations

    • Cantilevers (air seal)

    • Air barrier @ beams (flush and drop)

    • Top plates (poly) – Tyvek the outside @ insul. stop?

    • Dead spaces on second floor, usually between closets and doors upstairs

    • Tyvek Lower roofs – air barrier or weather barrier?

    • Hot boxes – around beams, proper backing if foaming, how are you ensuring a tight seal on both the ceiling and the walls (garage walls below and house walls above)

    • Top 5 or 10 Commonly missed details

"Energy Code Improvements - Alternative Wall Assemblies and Window Installs"

Talking points will include:

  • New Code requirements – where energy codes could go

  • How will we comply – tighter, more insulation

  • Are you and more importantly your trades ready?

  • How will more insulation be incorporated into existing design

  • Getting your air barrier to the outside?  Pros and Cons

  • Examples of different wall systems

  • Window installs – CSA A440, What is it?

  • Exposure ratings

  • Install suggestions for A440 compliance

"Stair Design, Ordering, and Installation"

Talking points will include:

  • Types of Stairs (open rise, closed rise, winder, landing, concealed stringer, etc)

  • Next code cycle changes

  • Tread and riser minimums and maximums

  • How to order stairs (what to measure), curved stairs

  • Lead times?

  • Proper installation

  • Tips and tricks for adjustments (uneven floor)

  • Common issues with stairs (at ordering, installation, and warranty)

Safety as it Pertains to Framing (PPE, Fall Pro) - Strategies to Ensure Compliance"

Talking points will include:

  • What is the Site Sup’s responsibility with regards to framers’ safety?

  • OH&S increasing frequency of inspections

  • Why is documentation so important?

  • PPE – what is required throughout the entire framing duration

  • Haz Ass – 1  for the entire job is not good enough….

  • Emergency Plan – what is it and where can it be found?

  • Fall Protection Plan – what to look for and is it current?

  • First Aid Equipment – Are they equipped with proper size, certification, etc

  • Worker Certs (First Aid, Fall Pro, Forklift Cert., etc)

  • Common oversights / infractions

    • Not covering stairwell opening

    • No guards @ 2nd floor capping

    • No guards around stairwell

    • Not tied off on lower roofs, standing trusses, sheeting roof, etc

"Quality Control and the Frame Check - Most Critical Check of the Build"

Talking points will include:

  • Why is the Frame Check the most critical inspection? Usually 100+ items to check?

  • Repercussions of a poor frame check or no frame check.

  • Tools to do a proper frame check…4’ level isn’t good enough!

  • When is the best time to do a frame check…before or after roughins?  Pros and Cons

  • What are the major components of the frame checklist (Walls, floor systems, roof systems, stairs, engineered components, etc)

  • How long should a proper frame check take?  No distractions makes it go quicker and allows you to concentrate

  • Ensure your framer has a QC before he starts – ensure expectations are aligned

  • Common items missed or not checked on frame checks

"Inspections - JHA INspection Process and Common Items/Issues and Misconceptions"

Talking points will include:

  • Booking Inspections with City of Edmonton

  • What is site ready for your inspector?

    • Proper addressing, Safe Eggress, Permit Package, etc

  • What is the role of the Inspector…”Auditing the code”?

  • Structural Review / Energy Review

  • Safety / Fire Code Compliance

  • Documentation Review

  • Multi-Family vs. Single Family

  • Common misconceptions of the SCO’s – they are not your Quality Control Department

  • Top Issues missed not completed – Single Family

  • Top Issues missed not completed – Multi-Family

  • Reporting issues concerns to supervisor

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